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The modern world is full of fantastic technology and gadgets that keep you connected to people and events around the world. But the downside is, it has disconnected you and made you lose touch with yourself. You no longer tap into that inner intelligence that resides within you. To make that connection back to yourself, I will help you using these methods called – Rewire, Reset and Revive.

Inadequate nutrition, bad sleep patterns, and lack of right movement are the three threats to optimal healing (healing is not just about physical injury - emotional and psychological hurts or bruises need healing as well).

These three factors affect everyone who has had serious illness or injury - including chronic pain conditions like arthritis or fibromyalgia – and they work synergistically to interfere with the body’s natural healing processes. This can create an environment of mediocre healing at best and unnecessary disability at worst.

Chandana Mannedi has the key to introducing you to your own body and mind so that you can optimise your health. This awareness, she says, brings vitality and allows you to experience the sheer joy in living a pain free and energy-centric life.

The trifecta of Chandana’s philosophy of healing is:

  1. Rewire: Mind-Body Alignment
  2. Reset: Body Movement Therapy
  3. Revive: Pain Free Zone

Rewire: Mind Body Alignment

The human brain has a 100 billion neurons and each neuron is connect to a 1000 more. That means that the human brain has about 60 trillion connections! Neurons fire in your brain either as a response to a physical or emotional impulse or instigate movement or organ function.

There is a lot of external stimulus bombarding us every minute of everyday leading to neurons over firing or under firing. These misfiring neurons create patterns of stress, which can be either emotional or physical. As the patterns get repeated, behaviour is formed. Once this behaviour is reinforced again and again, it transmutes into an uncomfortable posture. And if the body is in constant bad posture, it pain. Here you need to rewire your neurons.

I am fascinated by the concept of Rewire – because it gives an opportunity to introduce you to your own body, and connect.

The very first step of Rewire is bringing awareness. I encourage you to talk and listen to your body – this will help you to know and understand what is going on. Once you know what is going on, the next step is to acknowledge the discomfort, if any, and honour it.

The next step happens intrinsically where you process the physical or emotional discomfort within your body. This processing of emotions leads to rewiring and creates a balance between the sensory messages and motor responses of the body.

In general the body must process and balance these input and output messages. This must become a subconscious learning, to respond correctly to any situation. Eventually, the body learns the skill of what to keep and what to expel.

(Rewire is Chandana’s magic wand. It is the way to help you develop mental flexibility and agility, to become more goal and result oriented, the focus is on changing long established patterns and habits, stop procrastinating and alter memories that control your behaviour. Chandana uses her very own and unique Mind-Body Alignment Therapy help you Rewire your mind and reboot your life.)

Reset: Movement Therapy

Motion is a sign of life.

Everything in your body moves – from your cells, to tissues to organs, to fluids, to muscles, to joints... If for any reason, this movement stops in any part of the body, stagnation happens and this leads to restrictions. Restrictions means lack of movement and that is counter to life itself.

Reset through Movement Therapy, is like giving the body a Factory Reset – everything works the way that it is originally supposed to, not according to the patterns (referred to in Rewire – Body Mind Alignment) that disturb your alignment.

There is a sequence to the way this therapy unfolds – first, you rewire the existing patterns of behaviour and emotion that you have been living with. And then you discover and embed that new change in the body through, what I have put together and call, Movement Therapy.

The basic principle of this therapy lies in setting an intention. This means, that even if the movement is not entirely right, you keep reinforcing your intention of getting towards the right movement.

When you move, you have to make a conscious effort until it becomes a subconscious skill, which leads to resetting your body’s consciousness and breaking old patterns. This means that your body experiences freedom in its range of movement, and it becomes free of the state of fear of movement.

In my Movement Therapy sessions, I can see clear evidence in the clients’ body language as they learn to move. The more they move, the more they become expressive. It just shows in their posture, in the way they hold their bodies –movement gives you freedom to be emotionally expressive. You don’t have to talk, your body becomes expressive.

Revive: Integration - Pain-Free Zone

Now that you have Rewired your mind and have Reset your body and the two - mind and body - are in alignment, you are going to discover your untapped potential in every way. The first sign is, you will breathe better. Breath is the fundamental sign of life. Breath itself will synchronise the movement within your body making it move as one.

But this process is ever dynamic and evolving in order to adapt to the external environment. You have to consistently and constantly work at it to keep the body functioning at an optimum.

The state of Revive is when the body experiences a flow and fluidity of energies, which leads to a feeling of rejuvenation and revival; thus leading to a Pain-Free Zone.

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