Self Care Saturday

Self Care Saturdays

Language: English

Instructors: Chandana Mannedi


Why this course?


Heal your pain

Manage your stress,

Breathe better

Build lean muscle

Manage your weight & sweat  FROM HOME WITH ME

Hi, I am Chandana Mannedi, a Movement Therapist and Mind Body Expert.

I have been on a mission to share all the secrets to become pain free, free from feeling stuck, full control over the body movements including mobility of your organs.

This 30 mins, yes just 30 mins class is for every BODY, all ages, all levels, at any stage of their fitness journey to awaken the innate nature of the body’s ability to heal…


Join me in this SELF CARE SATURDAY! See you there!

If for any reason you have missed the live sessions then you can have access to these sessions here for the month that you have signed up.


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